Empire Awards 2014

Empire is the world’s leading movie magazine with an annual awards ceremony that receives incredible PR exposure & coverage due to it’s high profile guests. I was fortunate enough to direct/produce the showreel for the 2014 sponsorship of the awards by Jameson. Not only did I see a lot of people drinking whiskey but got to meet my all time hero (not Arnie) Johnny Vegas- what a legend! It was a days shoot with  lots of red tape, big security operations and smiley men like Tom Cruise. Alongside second cameraman Ben Sage we covered the red carpet, branding and the overall good personal vibe of the awards. The footage was then edited and graded by Eduardo Dominicci.


Ben Sage
Eduardo Dominicci



  • Showreel
  • Brand Awareness
  • PCA Video
  • Canon C300 + 5D Mark II